PlayFeld’s engine produced a Starter demo for you and our artists made the first PlayMovies. Check it out under Enjoy

Do you want to code for PlayFeld’s community? We are a purpose-driven initiative, there to connect sporty people and artists. Especially these days, despite physical social distancing, we are there for you in music and sports. We develop with you, not simply for you. Get in touch to support our initiative.

Get your personalised training music

Carefully arranged training music can be a coaching tool that makes your training effective, preventive, and fun. Curious how it works?

Select your favourite music tracks

Beat-per-minute of tracks adjusts to the intensities of your training plan

Adjust training intensities to your personal optimum

Listen online or offline

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What people told us

  • I tried earlier to use music as a motivation, since running my standard route can easily get boring. But I don’t like conventional workout music, so I listened to metal and rock music. It was problematic that aggressive music and music with lyrics actually distracted me instead of increasing my performance.
  • I stopped running to stand still for that moment and enjoy its beauty. Without the music, I’d probably not felt the same.
  • I use music when running routine routes, running in fields, or in the dark.

PlayMovie, soundtrack to your PlayRoute

PlayMovie is our social game under development. It turns PlayFeld into a movie surprising you on the go. You flag your favourite training route and the most popular routes become PlayRoutes. Musicians provide soundtracks to your PlayRoute and you can listen to those soundtracks as you train on the particular route. The music will guide you to stay on the PlayRoute and you can enjoy a movie-like experience outdoors.

PlayFeld’s offer

Free Pass

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Access our music library and get your personalised training music.

Art Pass

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Upload music tracks and set up an artist profile.

Pro Pass coming soon

EUR 8.00 monthly

Get PlayMaster access and organise group training sessions.

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