How PlayFeld works

PlayFeld is a field in which we all play together. You are here because you value health, fitness, and music. So do we, and thus we have a common ground to start from when interacting with each other.

Shape PlayFeld

PlayFeld’s library does not contain your favourite music genre or artist? You might ask a local artist to produce fitness music of your taste. Depending on your agreement, you might pay for music production and then the artist, or you with permission of the artist, can upload or link in the new track to PlayFeld’s library. It is in the best interest of the artist to provide high quality music.

Contact us directly if you wish to upload music tracks or PlayMovies into our library:


Makers & Artists

Chris & Daughter, Founders

József Beszkid, Singer, Keyboard Instruments, Trumpet, Composer, Instrumentation

Karum Cooper, Musician, Songwriter, Singer, Guitar

Dániel Kökényes, Musician, Songwriter, Guitar, Keyboard, Instrumentation

Zsombor Máthé, Beatbox, Sound artist

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